Red autumn leavesAny garden-lover will tell you that there’s magic in the beauty of autumn. Slow-clearing mists, jewelled spiders’ webs, and stolen glimpses of afternoon sunshine tell you that summer is far behind. Now is the time to enjoy the outdoors before winter sets in. And our garden plants and trees dress for the occasion. Their glowing green leaves are replaced with ravishing reds, rusty browns and golden yellows. They almost drip with ruby-like berries, tempting garden birds to taste and indulge.If your garden is already awash with the rich tones of autumn, you’ll know how beautiful and striking nature can be. But perhaps you need to add a dash of colour? Something to welcome autumn in and fend off winter.

Here are our favourite ways to help your garden dress for autumn.


This berried shrub grows tight clusters of shiny gem-like red or orange berries that last through the autumn until eaten by hungry birds in winter. Available in many varieties, it’s lovely grown at the front of borders, or when trained up a wall or fence making the most of the abundant fiery berries.

The Japanese Maple

Say “hello” to the Autumn poster-boy. The Acer palmatum has bright and beautiful leaves that almost glow in late autumn sunshine. Perfect for smaller gardens, this good-looking tree also works well in a container – although be careful to water containerised trees adequately during the growing season. There are countless varieties to choose from, enjoy making your choice between vibrant oranges, glowing yellows and sophisticated purples.

American Witchhazel

Autumn colour is beautiful, but what if you could add scent as well?  The American Witch Hazel lets you do just that! It’s a perfect tree for front gardens; you’ll be able to appreciate its intoxicating scent as well as appreciate the stylishly spidery yellow blooms that decorate the bare branches. American Witchhazel is relatively uncommon in the UK, you’ll need to hunt it down – use its Latin name to help you – Hammamelis virginiana, or give us a shout at Brackendale Tree Care and we’ll help you locate one and will plant it for you too!

Maidenhair Tree (Gingko Biloba)

If you have the space to fill, consider this stately beauty. Some eventually grow to 35 metres making the Maidenhair tree suitable for only the largest gardens. Their leaves turn a bright golden yellow in the autumn, looking especially beautiful in the October sunshine. Autumn Gold is a variety that’s especially beautiful. Unfussy about soil type, these trees are remarkably long-lived – some are estimated at 2,500 years old in their native China!

Rowan Tree

Add some native charm to your garden with the classic Rowan Tree, known also as a Mountain Ash, or by its botanical name of Sorbus aucuparia. Its ruby-red berries add a glowing highlight to your garden and nourish hungry birds. Closely associated with mythology and folklore, Rowan trees were originally planted to protect homes and their inhabitants from witchcraft and enchantment, and although nowadays we’re content just to enjoy the beautiful autumn tones; it’s a nice story to reassure children who are frightened by monsters sneaking under their beds at night.

Want to know more about making your garden more beautiful? Give us a call at Brackendale now; we can source, plant and maintain your trees and hedges for you, leaving you time to enjoy your garden.