It’s that beautiful time of year when gardens and countryside spring into life with millions of pretty blossom flowers. From frothy pink cherry blossom to grand magnolia flowers, blossoming trees announce the approaching spring with unbridled happiness.

Picture of cherry blossom with the text "Five Beautiful Blossom Trees for a Springtime Garden"

And blossom does so much more than simply awaken our souls. Have you ever stood beneath a tree in full blossom on a sunny day? The gentle hum of contented insects reminds us that early spring blossom is a vital food source for so many beneficial insects, with the insistent promise of nutritious and tasty fruits to follow later in the year.

At Brackendale Tree Care, we’re big fans of the sight of spring blossom, and here are our five favourite trees for springtime colour.

  1. For traditional charm choose a flowering cherry. Japan’s national treasure never disappoints; the sight of a cherry tree in full bloom has the power to make even the grumpiest of us crack into a smile. In a range of pinks from ballet-slipper pink to lipstick-bright magenta, the Prunus family will spoil you for choice.
  2. If you have a small garden, opt for a Magnolia Stellata. Unlike more traditional magnolias which can dominate a garden, this slow-growing plant will not outgrow its home. The delicate star-like blooms flower in early spring, and will be a real talking point in your springtime garden.
  3. For a change from the norm choose a quince. Better known for their charmingly old-fashioned fruit, quince plants have pretty and prolific blossoms from early spring. The variety of vibrant blossom colours will set your garden apart and inject some much-admired colour into an otherwise sombre early-spring garden. Choose from scarlet red, gentle apricot or pure white as well as the more commonly seen pink.
  4. For year-round wildlife appeal choose an Amelanchier. They’re sometimes known as a wild plum or Juneberry. Covered with a profusion of white showy flowers, Amelanchiers pair up beautifully with flowering cherries for a garden worthy of an impressionist painting. Insects adore the blossoms on this prolific bloomer, and birds flock to the same tree in mid-summer to feast on the red and purple fruits.
  5. Go for native splendour with a crab apple. Beautiful pale pink or white blossoms are followed by bauble-like crab apples later in the year, making this another tree that adds year-round interest and helps local wildlife thrive. There are so many varieties of crab apple available, some of which have come a long way from the native crab apple you’ll find in the wild. When choosing, consider the appearance of the blossom and that of the crab apples, which will decorate your garden later in the year.

If you’d like help to plant a tree for beautiful blossoms next spring, give Brackendale Tree Care a call. We can help with the selection, purchase, planting and aftercare of your tree. All you need to do is call us, we’ll do the rest.