Professional Tree and Hedge Care Services

Let Us Help You Look After Your Trees and Hedges

It’s often hard to know what’s best when considering potential tree or hedge work. We like to visit you on site to understand your requirements and assess the health of the relevant specimens. Once we’ve made our recommendation, we’ll send you a quotation, showing the proposed works and the cost. We include VAT in our quote, so you know exactly how much the job will cost. You are under no obligation to work with us until agreeing to the written quote.

Traffic Management and Platform Work

Does your job need heavy equipment or will it affect local roads while being carried out? Work with Brackendale Tree Care and you won’t need to worry about arranging the traffic lights or hire of equipment, as we’ll do this for you and make sure the costings are clearly highlighted in your quote. You can budget easily, and be confident that our experience with working for large estates and commercial businesses means we’ll do your job with the minimum of disruption to you, your clients and your company.

Local Authority Planning Applications

Don’t get bogged down by forms if your tree is subject to a Tree Preservation Order or is growing in a Conservation Area. Choose to work with Brackendale Tree Care, and we will look after the local authority planning applications for you. We’ll contact your local planning authority on your behalf to understand if your tree is protected by a Tree Preservation Order, or whether or not it’s growing in a Conservation Area. We can then help you work through the next steps of how to safely manage your tree. We offer this service free of charge, on acceptance of our quotation.

Tree Felling and Removal

Tree removal or felling is the complete removal of a tree, often as a result of the tree being dead or infected. Tree felling helps prevent other trees in the surrounding area being infected and removes the risk of damage to property – for instance an unstable tree which is too close to your house or garage. Once your tree has been felled, we will remove all debris, so you won’t need to worry about clearing up a messy garden or driveway.

Stump Grindingstump grinding

Stump grinding entirely removes the tree stump and roots of the felled tree. Stump grinding clears the area completely, leaving you free to replant, landscape or build on the area.

Tree Planting

We don’t just cut down trees and hedges, we plant them too! Depending on your needs we can plant new or replacement trees and hedges, best suited to your particular requirements. Different people want different things from tree and hedge planting; perhaps you want a screen from the neighbours, or something to encourage wildlife in your garden? Let us know, and we’ll give you the best options. We source the best quality saplings at a competitive price, and will plant your trees or hedges and then support the aftercare, meaning your newly planted trees or hedges will look good for many years to come.

Hedge Planting and Maintenance

IMG_7561A poorly maintained hedge can become a real headache. Fortunately, the highly professional team at Brackendale like nothing better than cutting a hedge back into shape or helping you create the hedge of your dreams. Well managed hedge trimming will improve your home’s kerb appeal, give you more space in your garden, help keep children and pets safe, and support wildlife. Give us a call today to see how we can help you sort out your hedges – no size too large or small.

Tree Pruning

Tree pruning encourages the establishment of a good branch structure and canopy by removing potential defects. Here are some of the most common tree pruning methods:

Crown Reduction

Crown reduction maintains the shape of a tree and leaves you with a specimen that looks natural. Typically the tree surgeon will prune back by an agreed proportion, pruning to the most appropriate branch, twigs or buds resulting in a natural silhouette. Crown reduction ensures the tree stays healthy as a result of the high proportion of foliage remaining on the tree.

Crown Liftingtree surgery tree felling

Crown lifting involves the removal of growth to an agreed height about ground level or other surface – for instance a roof.  Crown lifting will let you make more of your garden by allowing you better access under your tree. It can also be used to allow vehicles or people to pass safely under the tree.

Crown Thinning

Crown thinning is the removal of some of the secondary woody growth, whilst keeping the framework branches. Crown thinning reduces the leaf area of the canopy by an agreed amount. Good crown thinning will result in an even canopy of foliage on well-spaced, balanced limbs and branches – suitable to the species of tree, and is best carried out by experienced and professional tree surgeons.  Crown thinning will benefit your home and garden by letting more light through the canopy, whilst protecting the benefits of privacy and natural beauty that your tree gives you.


Pollarding is the removal of all branches leaving just the trunk. Pollarding is used to restrict the growth of a tree– perhaps to reduce the amount of shade cast in your garden, or to prevent interference with overhead wires. Pollarding can also be used to reduce the uptake of water in dry areas, and so is useful for gardens with a sandy, well-drained soil. Pollarding can also be considered as a last resort for damaged trees – instead of felling a storm damaged tree, pollarding can give it a second chance – perfect for a specimen that has a lot of significance to you.

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“Excellent service as always from Brackendale Tree Care. Staff are informative, work fast and left the area clean and tidy on finishing the job. Prices are good value for money and I wouldn’t use anyone else now.”
Customer in Godalming, Surrey, Dec 2022